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Review Games of Thrones S6 E5 - The Door

Here be spoliers...

Tits & Dragons

  • Tits: 2
  • Wangs: 1
  • Dragons: 0

Number of Deaths

  • Several of the Children of the forest
  • Summer - Bran's dire wolf
  • A White Walker
  • The Three eyed raven
  • Hodor


  • A new Red Woman - Another of the Lord of lights followers enters
  • Richard Stark - We see Ned's Dad in one of Brans visions of the past on the day that Ned and Robert go to the Vale for training.
  • The Night King - not quite an introduction but a new beginning and a different way of seeing this character. We are introduced to the Night King in his human form.

Most Gruesome Death

Perhaps not the most gruesome but definitely the saddest death this episode as we had a few. Hodor being mauled by wights. Frankly all the deaths in the three eyed raven's cave north of the wall were pretty spectacular and pretty gruesome but Hodor's was the most memorable.

Best Banter

Euron  Greyjoy's suggestion that he could seduce the dragon queen had to be the best banter this episode.

Euron: "Across the sea there is a person that hates the  great lords of Westeros just as much as we do, someone with a large army, three large dragons and no husband. I'm going to build that fleet and I'm going to galavant right over and give it to Daenaeys Targaryen along with my big cock"
Yara: " Your going to seduce the dragaon queen?"
Euron: "I'm not going to seduce her the iron fleet will seduce her"

Tyrion's Best Moment

Unusually no witty banter from Tyrion who we think is the only character to feature in the most if not all the episodes of Game of Thrones.

Review by Alicia and Paul

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