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Twelve of Best Anime I've watched on Netflix UK So Far!

In the past getting hold Anime was like mining gold. It was so hard to get hold of your favourites, sometimes years would pass before I would get my hand on any decent anime, much less with English or Spanish rather than Russian subtitles. 

As a kid I dreamed of the streaming services we have today and as you can tell from most of my posts I am Netflix crazy. We have a total of three streaming services in our home Amazon Prime provides us with a free Prime streaming service. Great for new films and the occasional series (Vikings, Into the Badlands, Black Flag) and we love those Amazon pilots. We recently also got Now TV which is your Sky streaming service so a new film every Friday and great series (WestWorld, Legion)

Netflix is our favourite for old films, foreign dramas and great original series and of course Amine.

Here is a list of the best Anime I've watched and loved on Netflix UK:

Check out my review here. I really liked this one. It was probably written with a different fan base in mind ( read boys) but still enjoyed the mystery and the plot and the animation style.

2. The Irregular Magic School

This was cute and action packed with a great story. By the end I had my favourite characters and was cheering for them all the way.

Cute story about a lesser God, Yato and a peculiar human girl. You can read my review of one of my current favourites here.

You can read my review of one of the most popular anime here. Such a whirlwind, Edge of the seat nail biting action packed drama that will keep you guessing.

5.  Sword Art OnLine

I eventually warmed up to this, as the show moved on but I think I just loved the characters clothing the most. Still trying to get my hands on a female Kirito costume.

6. Gurren Lagan

I tried really hard with this one an still haven't watched the very last episode. I will. I just need time to absorb all the crazy that happens up to this point. Wildly imaginative story with lots to keep you entertained.

7. Durarara

Such a great show. I am currently into Season 3 and I love it.

8. Aldonoha Zero 

The end of Season one had me gobsmacked. Don't miss this great anime experience. Lots of action.

9. Psycho Pass

Amazing mature anime. A thriller giving you lots to think about.

10. KuroMukuro

Another cute but action packed anime with hero boy and cutesy girl. Took me a while to like the characters but they do grow on you.

11. Code Geass

Loved every moment!

12. Steins Gate

Another of my absolute favourites. Completely blown away by this one. Amazing Time Travel Sci-Fi!

 Let me know what you've been watching!


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