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Alicia's GOT Reactions S6 E5

My weekly take on this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones
Season 6 Episode 5: The Door

Look away now if you haven't as yet seen S6 E5

The was truly the most frightening episode so far this season. In the space of an hour we went from 'House of Cards' to the 'Fear the Walking Dead' really quickly.  If it was all about fire last week, it was all about ice this week.

Sill no dragons

Little Finger, Uncomfortable Much 

It is not often you feel even a little sympathy for Baelish but Sansa's asking him again and again what he thought Ramsey did to her was one really cringeworthy scene, but I just couldn't look away. I think Little Finger's plan back fired as he didn't expect Sansa to escape. He had probably planned to rescue her, marry her ( because she would be so grateful for the rescue) and have Cersei... I mean Tommen make him Warden of the North. When Sansa escaped and then had her own knight/protector that plan went south fast.

Manipulating Sparrow
So the high Sparrow really seems to have manipulated the Lannisters and the crown. I think that he  purposefully told Tommen about Majory's humiliation and he knew that if he told Tommen not to tell anyone, he would at some point tell his mother Cersei and thus the Tyrels and the 'crown' would respond. The queen could not possibly suffer the same indignation that Cersei had, the Tyrels wouldn't allow it. I think he wants them to respond with force so the common people rise up against them. Maybe this was obvious to everyone else, or maybe I wasnt paying attention properly but it seemed subtle and manipulative. The High Sparrow is not an idiot. Well we'll soon find out anyhow.

Come on Brienne give him a chance! Tormund's sigh LOL!

Wight Massacre
In this episode, we see that the White Walkers and Night King are not affected by fire. It seems that they can only be killed by the dragon glass that created them.

While Meera works to get Bran out of the cave wights enter and kill the Children of the Forest and Summer. We lose another dire wolf. Nooo! Not Summer. Ghost is now the last remaining dire wolf of the Stark children. Hodor seems paralysed by the events taking place until it seems that Bran has warged into Hodor from his vision in the past and taken control of Hodor in the present.  Bran warging into Hodor seems to affect Hodor in the past as it seems Bran can have an effect on things that have already happened or he has already affected them creating the current present. Bran was always meant to interact with this past version of Hodor and Meera's final words to him before she disappears into the snow storm "Hold the Door" seem to be the only thing a young Willis (Hodor) can remember.

 I am scarred for life.

This was a really difficult scene to reconcile and makes you wonder how many other past events Bran will affect or has created in the past/his present seeming to be able to have a profound effect on his own future.

The three eyed ravens words" Now it is time for you to become me" were also quite troubling, Is the three eyed raven somehow a future/past version of Bran? How will Bran learn to control his powers? Why didn't the raven tell Bran more about the dangers of the visions and that he could have an effect on the past/future?

The really painful bit of this episode is Hodor's death, knowing that he was always meant to help Bran and die this way.

The episode ending with the credits rolling in an eerie silence.

Edd Tullett

Some how it looks like Edd is the new Lord Commander. It seems there aren't any other experienced Nights Watch left and Jon left Castle Black in his hands so now everyone is looking to him.

Oh and then there was this!?
Makes Sense

I Still have a billion questions. Do You? Comments below.
Is Bran the Architect of the Game of Thrones?
Will Bran ever return to his body?
Will Sansa use Little finger and the Knight of the Vale?
Will Jamie take out the Faith Millitant, surely it is time?
Will the North follow a Snow?

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