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Alicia's GOT Reactions S6 Episode 3

My weekly take on this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones
Season 6 Episode 3: Oathbreaker

Look away now if you haven't as yet seen S6 E3

You could say this episode was really uneventful as nothing actually really happened to progress the story. Arya is still learning to fight, Jon is up and about and quite dramatically takes out the leaders of the mutiny, Daenerys is hanging out with a bunch of widows, Cersei gets thrown some serious shade by her uncle and Sam and Gilly are back, Yay!

But not a dragon in sight... which was a little disappointing, but what really made up for it was the Tower of Joy scene. We get to see the showdown between Ned Stark and Rhaegar's bestie Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning which does not end the way Brandon expected it to.

Young Ned Stark

So the fight between Ned Stark and Arthur Dayne ended a little differently to myth that brandon Stark had been fed all these years. But lets face it Ned was not really the most talkative fellow. He probably said there was a battle and Arthur Dayne fell and he, and a badly wounded Harland Reed, were the only survivors. Most people listening to that would just assume that Ned killed him himself. It wouldn't really matter what Ned said really. Once word spread the story would take on a like of its own and it is probably a story that Ned also just went with even when telling it himself. So truthfully I don't blame Ned, the story would have evolved quite a bit before Bran was even born so cut the guy some slack.

He did land the final blow and kill Arthur Dayne but with help from Harland and he does admit that Harland saved his life at the Tower of Joy, so I'm with young Ned on this one. I've just lost my whole family. Dayne is dead, who cares how.

I still rate this version of Ned. I don't think he did anything really dishonourable. And also even if he did, his sister was being held captive. He came to save her and really nothing else mattered to him. His family suffered quite a bit from this conflict, making him Lord of Winterfell in only a few short months. A mantle he really didn't think he was likely to receive. He was after all only the backup.

Arya's Still in Training
I do hope this story goes somewhere now. I am getting a little bored of seeing Arya fall over and frankly a little bored of the House of Black and White and its complete randomness.

We are all Khalessi of the Great Grass Sea
Looks like it may be hard times ahead for our young Khalessi as she is to be put on trial for not coming to live with the other Khal widows after Khal Drogo died, she went off into the world. Oh dear Khalessi what have we got ourselves into.

The plotting twins
I was quite amused at seeing Jamie and Cersei hanging out together again like it was old times Eh Hem... But the two are quite formidable when they are together, so when they storm the meeting of the Hand of the King, with zombie bodyguard in tow, and demand to be included, Kevan Lannister and the Tyrells try to remind them of their place. Cersei wasn't having any of it and Kevan quite rightly said, "well we can't make you leave but you cant make us stay". BURN!

I Still have a billion questions. Do You? Comments below.
So dudes what's in the Tower already?
Are the Martells no longer the rulers of Dorne? Does Dorne have any rulers now?
Will Jamie take out the Faith Millitant ffs?
Will Jon March on Winterfell?

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