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My new Mobile - The OnePlus 3

The New Flagship Killer!

For the past two years Paul and I have been sporting OnePlus One's. The most important thing for me, is that I have the best phone on the market at a reasonable price. When Apple released their iPhone3G, we ditched our Motorola SLVR and RZR and went for the most innovative phone on the market. We had just abandoned our long time love for Nokia. Once Apple seemed to no longer provide the best and most cost effective option we jumped ship after 5 years and bought Samsung Galaxy S3's.

Two years later and Paul told me about this fabulous new company making a great mobile phone with the best camera on the market and all for £249. The 'Never Settle' and 'Flagship Killer' slogans were marketing gold.

I was sold. Yes please! We promptly traded in, for OnePlus One. The only catch being, that this product was available by invitation only and £249 upfront and shipped from China.

Fast forward two years and the company OnePlus has grown and is now available in the UK on O2. The phone is unlocked so you can purchase your phone from O2 but put any SIM in.

It comes beautifully packaged in a red and white box. The phone itself is just beautiful and the design is a great update from the previous OnePlus One.  A lot of the reviews I read had people complaining about the camera sticking out slightly. This doesn't bother me and I actually love what OnePlus did with the design of the phone. When I bought my OnePlus One it came with this gorgeous black sandstone back and I loved it, but had to cover it up with a case to protect it straight away so I was a little disappointed to have to cover up my beautiful phone. OnePlus 3 solves this problem by giving you a generic silver phone( still lovely to look at) but you get the added option of being able to buy a black sandstone case amongst a myriad of other gorgeous wood cases if your little heart should so desire.

The camera is still amazing but I think other phones now have comparable cameras and the 64GB storage is now standard with most smarthones, unlike with the 64GB OnePlusOne where 8GB was standard at the time.

My favourite features

Multiple Fingerprint sensors
So I am not sure if other current phones on the market do the same as the OnePlus3 but the only thing I have to compare to is my iPad. The fingerprint sensor is great on the iPad but you can only scan one finger (as far I understand) and to get your finger into the correct position each time can be slightly annoying.

One Plus has done one better as you can now scan in more than one fingerprint. In some cases I scanned in the same finger several time in the multiple positions that I might open my phone. You can also scan in other people prints (like for C1 and C2). Love It!

Search in the Settings 
I hate trying to find the correct setting or tab or whatever to change something on my phone and with a fully customisable phone like the OnePlus3 the 'search in settings' option has us all a buzz at Tokengeekery.

Dash Charge
This is probably the best feature, I can charge my phone in 30 minutes! Dash Charge has revolutionised the way I charge my phone. No more overnight charging, my phone is always ready to go! 

The Price
Although the new Google Pixel is reported to possible in the £700- £800 mark and iPhone prices steadily increasing each year. The price tag of such a fantastic phone is still only £349, and if you get it on O2, thats only up to £30 a month on a two year contract (depending on your individual circumstances it could be much less).

I haven't been this excited about a phone since the arrival of my iPhone 3G, my first smartphone! And for someone who has so much Apple tech in her house, the OnePlus3 was still a no brainer.


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