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How I use sci-fi to explain almost everything to my kids

So we were in the car yesterday and I hear Clone 1 tell Clone 2 that when you die, if you are bad you go to hell and if you are good you go to heaven.

So I pipe up "Well I don't think it's that simple Clone 1", " Who exactly is all good and who is all bad?"

So then I go on to use Star Wars as an example. Is Darth Vader all bad? At the end of 'Jedi' he redeems himself and defeats the Emperor. We also now know more of the story of Anakin Skywalker that he wasn't always bad, but circumstance and bad choices led him to the path of the Dark Side. He was also manipulated by the Emperor into thinking that this path was the correct and righteous.

I then go on to ask what they think of Luke Skywalker the 'good' guy blowing up the Death Star, when all those people who were just doing a job were on it, the cleaners, the cooks etc. They left their families to do a 9-5 and probably didn't deserve to get blown up. We are in a recession ya know. (I am be a little flippant with this to make a silly point, really, I don't think there were any cleaners on the Death Star). What about the Wompa. He just wanted some breakfast. Not his fault stupid Jedi stumble into his hunting grounds. he's not all bad. Did he deserve a lightsaber to the gut, probably not. 

So I leave them with this and Clone 1 is quite pensive. Clone 2 loves Darth Vader but I think this is because her first introduction to this character is through the book 'Vader's Little Princess'

She thinks he is the best Daddy like her dad. She's never really stayed awake for any of the films before so I guess her impression of him will change. Although she always cosplays as Darth Vader.

We then carry on chatting and Clone 1 pipes up again, "Mummy whats a Vulcan?"

So we are currently watching Star Trek Voyager and I'm explaining Tuvok.


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