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Alicia's GOT Reactions S6 Episode 4

My weekly take on this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones
Season 6 Episode 4: Book of the Stranger


Look away now if you haven't as yet seen S6 E4

Paul watched this before I did, so I try not to make eye contact with anyone who has seen the weeks episode before me and I just avoid the internet all together. With good reason. This episode was EPIC!! and I just cant wait to see more. So where have we been: we finally get to see two Starks reunited, Baylish is still cunning, Ramsey is still a psycho, Tyrion can still talk his way in or out of anything much to Missandei and Grey Worm's dismay, we finally catch up with the Tyrells, we've been enjoying the Cersei and Jamie show, #torienne, Yara may have forgiven her weakling brother Theon (well maybe, the Iron Born are ... weird) and the unburnt lives up to her name!

OK so I did not see this coming at all, but it completely makes sense... um... I think. Tormund has probably never seen any Westorsi woman looking as tough as Brienne and he seems to have taken a real liking to Brienne. I guess she is kind of exotic to him???? I mean that look on his face when he first set eyes on her, all I could imagine were cartoon hearts. 

Brienne didn't know what to make of it. A) No man has probably ever really looked at her like she's a woman, I mean actually properly looked, especially with all the doughy eyes Tormund has been giving her and B) Well she is still a lady and well Tormund is a bit rough, but not sure if she actually likes that but we have to bear in mind that her last love Renly was the complete opposite and look how that turned out. She has changed a lot in the last few seasons, I personally was holding out hope for her and Jamie ( well it could happen). But Brienne is different to when we first see her and maybe she never thought she'd find love ever. 

I am truly reading more into this than I possibly should but this look from Edd Tollett when he caught the infamous stare off, had me in absolute stitches. 

So is this really happening

Sansa and Jon reunited

Yay finally Starks reunited, I think I have waiting for this since they all let Winterfell in Season 1. The closest we have come is Bran and Rickon almost stumbling on Jon when he was travelling with the Wilding and saving his life with their dire wolves, and Arya getting the Red wedding oh just a little too late to find her Mum and Robb. So I was almost in tears when Sansa arrived a Castle Black. I was so happy!

The Unburnt

Well this is what really made the episode epic. Our Khalessi 'throwing shade' to a room full of Khals killing them all with fire and then walking out unburnt. Well Jorah was already converted from the last time she was burnt but now the entire Dothraki horde has witnessed this and bows before her. The epicness was just ... I cant even... Perfect!

My Burning Questions (no pun intended)
Where will Arya be when we see her next?
Will Jamie finally take out the faith militant?
What are the Dornish up to now?
Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey? Are we just waiting on his horrible death now?
Please go back to Bran, when will we see more?

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