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Alicia's GOT Reaction S6 E6

My weekly take on this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones
Season 6 Episode 6: Blood of My Blood

Look away now if you haven't as yet seen S6 E6

So somehow this episode, no one died. Which is kinda weird for Game of Thrones.

First off how amazing did Drogon look! BTW what happened to Daenerys' horse. Did Drogon eat him?

Gilly cleans up nicely
So lovely to see Gilly all dressed up for the ball. I think Sam liked that too.

Cersei and Jamie eww!
We haven't really had to deal too much with this relationship but yeah... today we did. I think I am kind of glad Jamie is leaving the capital. He is wasted as a character when he is sitting around the Red Keep in the Kingsguard.

"We've always been together, we'll always be together, we are the only two people in the world"
Sweet but still weird

What game is Majory playing?
Please, please, please let her be playing a game!

They're back
Quite a few characters return this episode

Walder Frey is still alive, according to Jamie he is 400 years old, so it was surprising that he was still alive and kicking and plotting.

Edmund Tully who was the one who actually got married at the Red Wedding

Bejen Stark returns, this was one of the stand out moments for me, I have been waiting to find out what happened to him as we never see his death. He was just lost.

Arya, now you know who you are

This moment when she is the only one in the crowd laughing at Joffreys death in the play is everything.

When I first started watching game of thrones, Arya's was definitely one of the few story lines I could be bothered to watch. At first I wanted her to find he way back to her family and then the super duo that was the Arya and the Hound was great to watch. But since she entered the House of Black and White I really hadn't been that bothered to see what she was up to. Last night for the first time I saw a glimpse of what I had always loved about this character. Her sense of right and wrong , much like Jon Snow with whom she had the most in common at Winterfell. No matter the consequences they will always do what they feel is right. Arya had a lot of growing up to do in that respect and I think now she has finally grown up. I hope she is strong enough to defeat the Faceless girl and get back to Westeros to help Jon, Sansa and Rickon. Up till now Arya has had no inkling as to what is happening with her family, so I am looking forward to news about Winterfell reaching her and Roose Bolton being added to her list.

I still have a billion questions. Do You? Comments below.
What game is Majory playing?
Will Jamie and Brienne be OK being on opposing sides?
Is Benjen now immortal?
What will Sam do with Gilly and the baby?

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