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Review Game of Thrones S6 E6 Blood of My Blood

Here be spoliers...

Tits & Dragons

  • Tits: 0
  • Dragons: 1
Yes! Drogon is back!

Lots of Introductions

Zombie Benjen Stark
So finally we find out what happened to Benjen Stark. He was nearly dead about to become a wight and the Children of the Forest saved him by putting dragon glass through his heart. Does that mean Benjen is similar to the Night King now and immortal?

We finally meet the Mad King 
Saying those words that threw the entire Westerosi world into chaos
"Burn them all!, Burn them all!"

The Tarlys
I have been curious to meet Samwell's father since the day he said his father made his eldest son renounce his title and go to the nights watch or he would kill him. 

Point to note Sam you did know he hated Wildlings!

His Mum however seems to be the nice one who was so thrilled to hold her first grandchild and didn't care where they came from.

Biggest surprise the size of Horne Hill, totally unexpected.

Heartsbane - Valerian Steel 
The moment I saw this, I was like, get that sword Sam, and sensibly he did!

Most Gruesome Death

Apart from some random wights killed by Benjen, it seems no one died!

Best Rousing Speech

Daenerys on Drogon, by the end I wanted to help her win back the Iron throne.

Worst Rousing Speech

Mace Tyrell before marching on the Citadel. I felt a bit like Jamie at this moment. Come on lets go!

Tyrion's Best Moment

So it looks like no Tyrion this week, which is truly a rare thing for this character.

Review by Alicia and Paul
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