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Saying Goodbye to Naruto

Yesterday the very last episode of the Naruto anime aired. When Naruto knocked on Iruka sensei's door I was ecstatic as we hadn't seen his smiling face for a couple of episodes now and I had really started to miss his cheeky grin. 

Nearly 18  years ago Masashi Kishimoto's manga hit the stands in the Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump 1999 No. 43 in Japan, with his tale of a gutsy ninja who never gave up. 

Naruto is the Jinchuriki of Konoha (the hidden leaf village) with the Kyuubi sealed inside his body. As the story begins we find a boy with no parents, who everyone hates and doesn't want around. All he wants is to be acknowledged by his peers. It's actually quite heartbreaking watching a young Naruto go through so much in those early episodes. 

My bro had to beg me to watch the first episode of Naruto with him, he was 19 and I was 21. I was like 'isn't it just like Pokemon?' I am so happy he convinced me to watch the first episode all those years ago. Naruto has been such an incredible part of my life and I will really miss him. 

Naruto's relationship with Iruka sensei is introduced to us in the first episode. He hated Naruto too as the Nine Tail fix sealed inside him killed his parents. However like any good teacher he recognises Naruto's determination and is the first to acknowledge him.

In the last episode Iruka is struggling to leave a video message for Naruto for his wedding. He is not sure where he fits into his life. He doesn't feel like a friend or just a teacher. I always thought Iruka was like a big brother to Naruto, taking him for ramen and scolding him when he was naughty. Even apologising for his pranks. I absolutely started to cry when Naruto asked him to come to the wedding as his father. It was the perfect scene to finally show how much Iruka meant to him. **Crying again now**
The episode ends with the wedding of Naruto and Hinata. It felt like a dear friend was getting married and I was so happy for them both and generally for the whole village. Naruto had brought the Village together and united Konoha with the other villages. His friendship with Gaara, the Kazakage is just beautiful especially knowing how this started. 

I have always been NaruHina. Hinata the shy girl gets the man of her dreams is a very sweet story, I think she is perfectly suited to Naruto. I never thought he and Sakura would end up together. No matter what he did she was in love with Sasuke and truly Naruto only loved her as he rivalled Sasuke in everything. 

Congratulations Naruto & Hinata

This picture is my favourite that I found on Pinterest yesterday. I am truly sad that I won't get to watch the Naruto anime anymore but kinda excited to see where Boruto's story takes us. 

Until April. 

Sayonara Naruto. 


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