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Alicia's GOT Reactions S6 E2

My weekly take on this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones
Season 6 Episode 2: Home

Look away now if you haven't as yet seen S6 E2

So this episodes was full off "well I guess I saw that coming" moments and up until now GOT has kept me guessing. Nothing really surprised me in this episode. Ramsey is a sadist, yes we already knew that, Jon Snow s coming back, yes, well if he didn't come back it would make for some really bad story telling, so it was expected. However what I wasn't expecting was such an early glimpse of the beautiful Lyanna Stark, the woman we know so little about. I am really looking forward to the flash backs of a time we have heard about from various points of view, but really haven't seen the truth of what happened to start Roberts Rebellion.

Bolton vs Bolton
After Roose Bolton threatened Ramsey last episode, we were expecting this relationship to end badly. So far Roose hasn't lived up to our exceptions. Painted by Katlyn Stark as a dangerous man not to be crossed, we have not seen much to really make us fear this character. His son on the other hand has been consistent in his crazy. So the fate of Roose and his new born son (and of course poor Walda) were really expected.

I guess we are done talking about this... Right?
So we may finally see the return of Jon Snow which I guess seemed inevitable. After going through a dozen theories, Why is the Red woman so conveniently at the Wall when Jon dies? Will Jon be resurrected as a Wight? Will they  burn his body and he gets reborn as Azor Ahai? due to his ambiguous parentage, this was my favourite theory.  At the end of the episode we were finally put out of our misery. Jon Snow is back!! Yay!

With Jon dead things would start to look quite bleak in the North. The Wildling were willing to fight for Jon, Most of the Nights Watch were willing to fight for Jon. As a Stark he would probably only have a little trouble convincing the North to fight for him, mainly so they can get rid of the hated Boltons. Having no Jon Snow in the show, meant that these three factions would never work together. So we can all breathe a sigh of relief we may have quite a formidable army to fight the white walkers after all.

Lyanna Stark
Our very first glimpse of Lyanna Stark who up until now we have only seen as a statue in the crypt below Winterfell. I fell in love with this character immediately. She rides into Winterfell on a horse looking all kinds of badass and I cant wait to learn more about the woman whose 'abduction' stated Roberts Rebellion.

My other favourite surprise in this scene Hodor's name is Willis and once a long time ago he could talk. What happened?

I still have a billion questions
What's to become of poor Theon?
Are the Martells no longer the rulers of Dorne? Does Dorne have any rulers now?
No sign of the Tyrells or Daenyrys?
Will Jamie take out the Faith Millitant?
What are Jon's plans now he's back? March on Winterfell? Fortify the Wall?
Did Lyanna's death have something to do with Hodor losing his speech?

What else I've been up to
I have been spending my time watching the Histories of Westeros and finding it quite fascinating. The histories are told from varying point of view for example Sack of Kings Landing from Viserys Targaryen and Tywin Lannister sound quite different. I also now understand better why Ned and Robert went to war in the first place. For Ned it wasn't just about his sister's abduction but the quite brutal execution of his father and older brother and the Mad King had ordered both Ned and Robert arrested. Things got out of hand quite quickly. Tywin Lannister only picked a side once Robert had defeated Rhaegar Targaryen and as the Mad King had refused  to wed Cersei to Rhaegar, Tywin no longer had a great love for the Targaryens. Find out more in the Game of Thrones Complete Histories, Season 1 below.

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