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Amazon Dash Button: A Quirky Addition to your Smart Home

Run out of Kleenex, no worries, hit the Dash button

We now have these all over our house and they are amazing. I ran out of Fairy Liquitabs this morning and just pushed the button, received the confirmation email and that was that. Liquitabs ordered. 

We got these during a Black Friday Sale last year and they are truly worth it.

At first I couldn't understand why I would need such a ridiculously expensive thing in my house but when we got them it was great. 

If you are in the bathroom and realise you are nearly out if toilet paper, push the button, because you know by the time you open your phone, are distracted by Facebook or Clash of Clans you'll have forgotten to order them and you know what, you really need that toilet paper.

We are obsessed with making our home smart and this tiny addition is brilliant for those wanted to try out smart technology in their homes. There is also a dash wand.

In the UK click here for Dash Buttons
In the US click here for Dash Buttons

Never run out of home or beauty products again
Please note you should really put these high up so as to avoid little ones pushing the button.

Even though these buttons are £5 to buy, you get a £5 credit for your first dash order, which is actually pretty cool.

If you have some hacking skills you might even be able to reprogram these nifty little buttons to order you an Uber or Dominoes at the touch of a button.

We love our Dash buttons and can't believe how many things have been added to the dash catalogue. With Amazon Prime your items are delivered in bulk in just a few short hours.

Have you tried Amazon Dash yet?

Alice T

In the UK click here for Dash Buttons
In the US click here for Dash Buttons

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