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Review Game of Thrones, S6E2 - Home

The award for longest awaited episode has to go to Home, as we all awaited the rebirth of fan favourite Jon Snow. As we mentioned before this was inevitable and so far  it seems the script writer have gotten a little bored. It is only episode two but we seem to be trivialising and spending time with the most obscure characters. Fingers crossed this is just pacing and there are still some surprises in store for us the seasons progress. 

Without further ado, on with our awards

Tits & Dragons

  • Tits: 0
  • Dragons: 2

Number of Deaths

  • Chatty bragger
  • Roose Bolton
  • Mrs Bolton
  • Baby Bolton
  • Balon Greyjoy

Most Elaborate Introduction

Balon Greyjoy has a brother! A long lost, long thought dead brother. With illusions of being a god.

Of course being Game of Thrones, a long lost sibling is not cause for celebration but a struggle and another lord being murdered.

Most Gruesome Death

Fortunately it was off camera, but the most gruesome death this week was that of Mrs Roose Bolton and her newborn baby. Set upon by a pack of dogs ordered by Ramsey Bolton, it's a shocking example of how sinister that character is.

A close second however and seen on screen was a man crushed between a wall and the Mountain. If you're going to expose yourself to the queen and later brag about it, don't be surprised if her undead minion turns up to smash your head in.

Best Banter

So just before his gruesome death, the posthumous award for best banter goes to that bloke bragging about exposing himself to Queen Cersei when she was talking her walk of shame.

Tyrion's Best Moment

It seemed like a good idea before and after when he survived, but Tyrion decided he should unchain the dragons.

Tyrion: "Next time I have an idea like that punch me in the face"

Review by Paul and Alicia

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