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Review Game of Thrones S6 E3 - Oathbreaker

And the award for most uneventful episode goes to...

Tits & Dragons

  • Tits: 0
  • Dragons: 0
Must be the first time ever...

 Number of Deaths

  • Alaister Thorne and other conspirators (At Castle Black)
  • Olly (At Castle Black)
  • Othell Yarwyck (At Castle Black
  • Bowen Marsh (At Castle Black)
  • Sir Arthur Dayne - The Sword of the Morning( Tower of Joy)
  • Ser Oswell Whent (Tower of Joy)
  • 4 of Ned Stark's compatriots - Northern Banner men (Tower of Joy)
The Tower of Joy scene has been long awaited by GOT fans, almost as much as Jon Snow's revival/ We are only in episode 3, and I suppose we will have to wait to see more.

Introductions GOT Style

Only one short introduction this episode, Brandon Stark introduces us to Ser Arthur Dane, the Sword of the Morning, Rhaegar Targaryan's bestie, in the Tower of Joy flashback. 

Most Gruesome Death

I would count Ollie's death as possibly the most difficult to watch so far. It is not often you see a child killed or executed on TV and then see their body displayed. So I for this episode where the deaths were not particularly awful (for GOT anyway) I'd say this death affected us the most.

Jon Snow's face didn't quite capture what I was feeling but it said enough, particularly when it took a long time for him to look into Ollie's still defiant face.

Best Banter

This was quite a hard one this episode as there wasn't so much banter in the episode really. But I have to mention this exchange between a young Ned Stark and Ser Arthur Dane. Ser Arthur puts on his helmet, ready for the battle and says "And Now it Begins", and young Ned looks right back at him and in the best northern accent  and says "And Now it Ends" ...BOOM!

Tyrion's Best Moment

While trying (really hard) to make conversation with Missandei and Grey Worm

Tyrion: A wise man once said that the true history of the world is the history of great conversations in elegant rooms
Missandei: Who said this?
Tyrion: Me, Just now

Review by Paul and Alicia

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