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Alicia's GOT Reactions S6E9

My weekly take on this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones 
Season 6 Episode 9: The Battle of the Bastards 
Look away now if you haven't as yet seen S6 E9

I laughed, I cried, I nearly died

Daenerys returned very abruptly in Episode 8,  on the back of Drogon, I was so happy to see her, then she seemed to disappear again after being on screen for all of 1 minute. So to see the drama unfold in episode 9 when Daenerys retakes the city of Mereen is what I have been waiting for since she stepped out the ashes of Khal Drogo's funeral pyre with her baby dragons. The stories we have heard of the Targaryen dragon riders seemed to come to life.

I enjoyed this immensely.

Although Paul had a different opinion on this episode. I loved it. It produced everything that I have waited far too long to see.

THIS! is what I have been waiting for!

Battle at Mereen

Tyrion earns his keep

I wasn't sure what Daenerys reaction to a city under seige on her return would be but she has come back a stronger and much more confident Khalessi. When she threatens to burn the cities in retaliation. Tyrion reminds her what her father was and that she knew what he was. He reminds her that she does not want to become the same kind of ruler as the mad king.

Khalessi and her dragons - Westeros is in for a nasty surprise.

That moment when Daenerys atop Drogon says "Drakarys" was everything. I was completely moved to tears. Because I was so happy for her finally getting that point when FINALLY she can take Westeros.

No one is expecting this. The Masters certainly weren't.

Theon and Yara meet Daenerys

In episode 8 we were introduced to the fact that Yara likes the ladies as much as her men do. Having the time of her life in a brothel while her brother needs to decide who he wants to be now.

The two sail to meet Daenerys and Yara and her feminine wiles seem to intrigue even the Khalessi, a little.  My favourite bit is why she asks why she shouldn't accept Euron's offer and the two explain that his offer comes with marriage (and his big cock). 

The Khalessi instantly likes another strong female ruler who is at odds with men that feel she isn't fit to rule. They also have the awful father in common. they should toats be friends.

Why we love Greyworm 

He's only a soldier and knows how to takes commands but we never really get to see how bad ass the Unsullied really are. A little fight when conquering Mereen but still the Unsullied have not really been truly tested. Subduing rebels and marching around Mereen we haven't really seen these soldiers in battle on screen as yet.

So when Greyworm cuts the cowardly masters throats. I remembered why I loved this character.

The Khalessi now has three full grown dragons, a Dothraki Horde, the Unsullied,  100 IronBorn Ships, The former masters ships and Tyrion.

The Battle of the Bastards
This is where I truly was sucked into the battle. You felt like you were right there with Jon and Tormund.

Visually stunning, I have not been this thrilled by a battle sequence since Luc Besson's Joan of Arc. When Jon is nearly suffocated I truly felt like I couldn't breathe. You are really pulled into the tragedy and the scenery.

That being said the writers are sadists. I honestly thought they had brought Jon back at the beginning of the season to kill him off at the end. There were three of four instances when I thought, he's not going to make it! No not Jon! You bastards!

Sansa has been truly annoying throughout this, her reluctance to tell Jon about Baelish was irritating but I feel we may discover why she felt she had to keep this secret. Will LittleFinger still betray them.
I was a little reassured that the character was worth still following when her very start warning to Jon about not letting Ramsey trick him into doing the obvious came true. She did tell him, but to be fair Jon was not in possession of all the facts and I feel like she could have been a little more forth coming with him and the battle could have gone so much more differently. She was also right in saying that he never felt to consult her, a ladylike, sewing, painting dress wearing type woman, as what could she possibly bring to the table. It turns out quite a lot. Sansa has obviously changed a lot and is a lot harder than Jon gives her credit for. She may not be able to fight but I started to see her mother in her.  
So we can kind of say they are both at fault.

The satisfaction when Sansa sets Ramsey's starving dogs on him is exquisite. It was an even better moment that Joffrey's death. In this episode alone that idiot killed the last giant and Rikon Stark. He really was a a-hole. Sansa seems to just get married off to the worst of them and we can only imagine what LittleFinger really wants from her.

By the end I had been on a true flipping roller coaster of emotions.
Loved It!

What was your take, Did you love it or hate it. I know not everyone gets as swept up in visuals as I do and maybe you thought it was thoroughly predictable.
Let us know in the comments

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