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Hi, my name is Paul.

I'm an unashamed geek. I was a geek before it became cool. I'm glad it has become cool however. Even if there is a bit of a me amused by what would have passed as a cool kid is wearing "GEEK" t-shirts.

I've lost track of how many times I've attempted to start a blog. So it will be easiest to say this is the latest attempt.

So a bit about me...

I married a geek and have two kids. We all play with LEGO, play computer games, watch anime, cartoons, play board games, RPGs and all that stuff.

I think of myself as a "renaissance man" with a diverse set of interests and hobbies. Perhaps more honestly I get distracted and struggle to focus on one thing.

By day I tinker with and program computers, and have done for over 20 years. Currently I'm a Rubyist but been playing with Elixir for a while now.

For slightly longer than that I've been playing tabletop games and roleplaying games. I took a bit of a break back at university and when starting a family but have been running a local group for several years now.

I've also been writing. However I'm one of these stubborn people who refuse to release a book until it is "done." Getting distracted however means I've never quite gotten anything to a level I like.

I've written a kids story, a comedy thriller, a cyberpunk action story, several RPG plot outlines and even a few screenplays.

So what is this blog for then?

This is here so I can practice writing and working on calling things "good enough".

Amongst this writing I'm going to discuss game designs stuff from computers, pen and paper roleplaying and board games.

I may drift into technical stuff as well but not too in depth.

So welcome. Thanks for making it this far.


Well since I made the first post, my wife Alicia wanted to help me blog here. So she's introduced herself on her first post.

So we hopefully will be covering a bit more than what I could manage myself.

There's also a good chance the kids will get dragged in as well to help us out as well!
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