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Alicia's GOT Reactions S6 E1

My weekly take on this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones
Season 6 Episode 1: The Red Woman

Couldn't contain my excitement
After substituting my GOT craving with Ragnor Lothbrok and his band of Vikings I was so very excited to watch the first episode of GOT. It wasn't the most exciting episode but I didn't expect it to be as it is only episode 1. 

Badass Brianne 
I love this woman, For a moment when I heard the horses I for some reason thought it might be Bejen Stark ( I have no idea why I thought this). Brienne was believable and thats what I like about this show. She didn't just storm in an slaughter everyone. She puts up a realistic but bloody good fight.

Danerys First of her name blah blah blah
This was my second favourite scene just for the witty exchanges between the Dothraki warriors and Daenrys decision to final tell them who she is was just brilliantly executed by Emilia Clarke. Along with that Khal Moro Side Eye, perfect!

Jon Snow still dead Wah!!!!
Jon's still dead, NOOO!! I have several theories about this character and how he may or may not be revived in the show. The Red Woman is conveniently placed at the wall, but her faith has been shaken. Could Jon be a Targaryen and as such a true dragon so when they burn his body he is revived, Or something like that. Well if I were placing bets, I'd go with the Red Woman.

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