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C1 & C2 Favourite Teen Titans Go! Moments

Today we have enlisted the help of our children C1 and C2 (Clone1 and Clone2) for Titan Week and they have helped me pick out our top ten favourite Teen Titans episodes!.

Number 10The One about Responsibility! - 'Staring at the Future'
C1: ...um.. I like it because Robin farts.
C2: I like it because ... Batgirl.

C2 then wraps herself in a blanket, starts spinning around shouting "Its a trap!"

In this episode Cyborg and Beast Boy try to avoid being responsible adults and accidentally travel through time by staring at a pizza for a very long time. So long in fact that the other Teen Titans have grown up and moved on with their lives.

Number 9: The One with Halloween  - The Tiny Teen Titans

What do you like about the episode?
C1: There's a skeleton and ghosts and stuff
C2: I love Starfire when she's little!

This episode starts with Raven trying to teach the Titans a lesson about how scary Halloween is by turning them into 'little kids', in doing so she inadvertantly releases the halloween spirit who runs amok and the city needs to be saved by the the Tiny  Teen Titans.

Number 8: The One with the Colours of Raven

Why do you like about the episode?
C1: I like where the red Raven hits Robin in the bum.
C2: I like the pink Raven because her thing that keeps her cape together... the flower.

In this episode Raven is split into five. Each Raven having a distinct part of her personality.

Number 7: The One about the Silkies girlfriend - 'La Larva Amor'

What did you like about the episode?
C1: When the guy falls off the cliff
C2: When he meets the girl

In this episode the Silkie is left in the care of the other Titans and they lose her/him. The Silkie then goes on an adventure across the seas whilst the Titans search the tower for him/her.

Number 6: The One about the Puppets

What did you like about the episode?
C1: I liked when they beat the puppet master up. He's a sock puppet 
C2: Because they look so funny when they are puppets

In this episode Robin sells the Titans souls to the Puppet Wizard so that he might control his team better. Unfortunately, he too is a puppet so no one listens to him.

Number 5: The One about Pie
I love Pie and the Teen Titans love pie too, particularly Cyborg and Beast Boy!

What did you like about the episode?
C1: Mother Mayeye makes them into pies, that's all I know and then they are naked wearing their pants because... Beast Boy and Cyborg are eating their friends clothes
C2: The pie song

Both C2 and C1 jump off the sofa singing the pie song "We love pie, pie, pie, pie"

In this episode Mother Mayeye makes the best pies which are another of Cyborg and Beast Boys favourite things to eat. They speculate as to what it is that makes her pies so good.

Number 4: The One where Robin has to get his drivers licence back
This episode has several great scenes

C1: When they meet the leprechaun, Driving teacher steals a bag of money... then.. a leprechaun starts shooting at him. Also Robins dance moves.
C2: When he gets his driving license...Robin drives in the car with someone and the Teen Titans come after him. On his last try he got it right and on his other tries got it wrong.

Children giggle hysterically and copy Robins dance moves (see below)
C2:"Its quite funny"

In this episode Robin loses his drivers licence after crashing the batmobile and has to retake his test. As such je is stuck relying on the other Titans for lifts.


Which leads to this:

Number 3: The One where The Silkie is Falcor
The kids love this but probably don't get why it makes me laugh so much. All I wanted to do was shout Atreyu at the screen.

What did you like about the episode?
C1: When the Silkie chases them and they all jump in the garbage can when they are chased by giant silkie
C2: They just like take silkie and give it to him(Killer Moth). Then the Silkie is flying and he can talks and tells Starfire "I love you". Its so cute.

In this episode, Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy sell the Silkie to Killer Moth without consulting Starfire.

Number 2: The One about Waffles
OMG! The waffle song. We cant have waffles in our house without someone spontaneously bursty into Waffles, Waffles, Waffles....

What did you like about the episode?
C1: Waffles are our favourites food so ...The waffles song
C2: The waffles song

In this episode Cyborg and Beast Boy use just the word 'waffles' to communicate with everyone, much to the annoyance and dismay of the rest of the team.

Our Number 1: The One about dreams with cameo from the original Teen Titans

What did you like about the episode?
C1: I like it when they kiss each other
C2: I like Starfire's dream where they all turn into cats, because I love cats.

I now cannot get C1 and C2 to stop saying waffles. We then eat waffles whiles sing the waffles song.

In this episode we get inside the mind of each Titans and see into their dreams

Robin's Dream

Starfire's Dream

What are your favourite episodes
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C1 & C2
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