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The Other Half of Tokengeekery

Hi I'm Alicia!

So Paul started his blog and I wanted to help!

I am the other half of Tokengeekery and I guess I would call myself an anime geek. I have always been a geek, maybe more of a nerd but I have always thought these words described someone who was Other. I have always been awkward and nerdy really sums me up. 

My geek speciality would probably come under fantasy fiction of any kind but in a way I thing that Sci-Fi and fantasy are often hard to separate so yeah, I guess I love all things Sci-Fi/ Fantasy . My particular love being Anime and Manga.

Still the cutest thing on the Internet (Source)

Yep I am up there with every 16 year old male anime loving Naruto fan, having followed this anime since 2000 and I was actually an adult at this this time. So I didn't start watching this as a Saturday morning cartoon. For me anime is not just about the story but the artistry and nothing makes me happier than seeing a properly drawn anime foot. I dabbled in learning Japanese but I am nowhere near getting this just yet. I love both Shojo and Shonen anime and manga but haven't really dabbled with the grown up comics from Japan just yet. 

As a kid, I loved X-Men and Spiderman comics, watched Candy Candy and Saint Seiya religiously and saw the switch on of the Sci-Fi channel with Star Wars (their first film) back in the early 90s.

My bro and I are besties, we spend hours talking anime and the latest superhero film. Although my bro regularly goes to comic con, I have never been past the front door, just way too shy. But this year I may actually do it and cosplay Bleach's Yoruichi too!

Bleach - Yoruichi Shihoin (Source)

I am currently watching the Seven Deadly Sins (Thank you Netflix!) and eagerly awaiting Game of Thrones Season 6 (Thank you Vikings for keeping me entertained while I waited for this). I love Harry Potter, Sabriel (Garth Nix) and the Hunger Games and as I said before I was a TwiHard (for a little while, HaHa).

Finally I spend my days in a research lab because I am a scientist, so I am a Chemistry Geek too!
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