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Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta

Depending on time zones, yesterday or today the closed beta for Mirror's Edge Catalyst became live and I managed to get a few codes.

This is very, very exciting since I loved the original 2008 Mirror's Edge. I played it through completely again when the new version was announced and I had forgotten how good it was.

The city of Glass is one of the best "cyberpunk" settings I've ever seen. Rather than focusing on the dark, smog covered neon it painted something different. A bright, clinical environment where the world is painted with a "gloss."

Glass (as Mirror Edge's city is now called) is like a city wide Apple Store or sanitized shopping centre. This is far more unsettling since it feels more "realistic" and feeds the paranoia of modern global corporations.

Centrum is the name of the "cyberpulp" city I use in a number of stories and tabletop gaming settings and Mirror's Edge/Glass is a major inspiration to the feel.

I plan to discuss Glass in it's own post but will probably be playing the game more whilst the beta is running.

I also experimented live streaming the game to my Twitch.tv but the sound was corrupted somehow...

You may want to mute the audio for that. Apart from the part when I fell off the side of a building a dozen times it's not the best run through.

The closed beta is running until April 26, 2016 at 17:00 BST (pun intended) and I have a few code for the Xbox One beta if anyone is interested.

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