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TV Review: The OA

Hi all,

Finally got around to posting my first TV review of the year : The OA

Netflix has been churning out so many winners through 2016 and 2017. 

I had recently watched 'Room' and saw the trailer for 'Glitched' and thought OK, Is this another kidnap story which is going to make me cry or whatever? Frankly I don't fancy that. I put it on the back burner for a few weeks and didn't think anything of it until the tweets and Facebook posts which really told you nothing all kept coming up in my feed and I thought. OK OK, what is this show. The description was slightly intriguing but didn't really have me jumping up and sown shouting:
Yes I want to watch that!

So without reading any reviews or know anything about the show, I simply jumped in. 

Official Synopsis

Prairie Johnson, a missing blind girl, returns to the community she grew up in with her sight restored. Some hail her a miracle, others a dangerous mystery, but Prairie won’t talk about her seven missing years with anyone except four teenage boys whom she tells her story to in order to recruit them for a mission.
I binged watched this over two nights and I still cannot tell you what I watched.

It was insane. I laughed a little, I didn't cry at all and my heart was in my throat for the whole thing. 

The show takes your typical sci-fi show, spiritualism and a action/thriller twist and turns it on its head and the ending, controversial as it has been, I loved it. I don't know what the hell it was but I loved it.  
The characters are well thought out and you really get to know them and care about them, and it is just awful when you start to care that much about a fictional character and then the show leaves you with such an ambiguous ending and you don't know if the character is OK.

The Ending Everyone is talking about
That ending was worth waiting the entire show for.  I really don't want to give away too much because it is one of these shows that it is better of going into blind (no pun intended). You will either absolutely love it or hate it. Having the momentum of binge watching you are completely absorbed in the show and the world they are in so you may just enjoy it.  

I cant wait for Season 2

Spoilers start here
So here are the burning questions I still had at the end of the last episode:
  • What was the FBI agent doing at Prairie's house that night? This is the only reason I think that Prairies's story wasn't entirely made up. This character being at her house just throws up so many questions and made me think twice about his involvement. I mean who is he.? Does actually even work for the FBI and do the FBI know all about Hap and his experiments. Someone has to be funding the guy. Right?
  • Would Hap actually be able to coerce the others into crossing over to another dimensional plane. I'm not convinced but he get Homer to do so much worse.
  • Why didn't Prairie immediately look for  her parents once she was free? This was another weird thing. Her first thought was to try and kill herself or nearly kill herself to get back to the others. She wast looking for her parents and I wonder if she ever actually would have.
  • Did the five movements stop the shooting? This is controversial at best. I think the cafeteria staff member really stopped the shooting. the movements are meant to heal so could they have healed the shooters soul?
  • Will we ever see Homer again? Wah!! I miss Homer so much. I really didn't think I would like this jock type character at all, but I really wanted him to be OK at the end.
  • Why didn't Hap kill Prairie? 
  • Five prisoners only four movements, was the other girl a plant?
So many questions, so little time.

Having OA withdrawal:

There is another film by writers/producers Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij that I am now itching to get my hands on so badly - Sound of my Voice - which has a similar feel to the OA. Also if you haven't seen Another Earth, this is another great film that if you loved the OA, you will enjoy.

So if you haven't seen this another great one for you to look up on Netflix. 


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