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Ascension: TV Review

What!? That's it! This is the ending you leave us with. Noooo! If like me you went into Ascension totally blind and didn't have any idea what it was about or how many episodes their were, you would sound exactly like this.

I had expected to be watching this for a while so I went to bed after episode 5, and as soon as I got the chance went back to marathoning this awesome show.

There was only one episode left and they left us on one hell of a cliffhanger.

This show has some real potential

Official Synopsis

In 1963 the American government begins a covert mission sending hundreds of people on a century long journey aboard the starship Ascension. Its goal: to populate a new world. Nearly 50 years into the trip, the murder of a young woman -- as Ascension approaches the point of no return -- prompts some to question the project. The crime is investigated by 1st Officer Oren Gault, born to maintenance workers on the spacecraft, and Emily Vanderhaus is the victim's sister. Other travelers include Capt. William Denninger and wife Viondra.

In total there are only are only 6 episodes of this great little series, and present it looks like there won't be a Season 2. Inspired by the real life Project Orion in which President Kennedy wanted to send a crew of the best and brightest into space on a 100 year mission to colonise a distant planet. The hope was that if a nuclear war destroyed earth, the human race would go on. Only the children and grandchildren of the original crew would see the new planet. 51 years into the voyage and at the point of no return there is a murder on board Ascension. The first ever since they set off.

Here be spoilers!

There are so many twists in this show and so much much happens in its short run of 6 episodes. The biggest twist being that they never left earth at all and the entire thing is a huge psychological experiment to create a superhuman. An experiment which seems to have worked as one of the youngest members of the ship has somewhat psychic abilities.

At one point a member of the crew is accidentally ejected from the ship and they therefore need to incarcerated him. He has been lied to his whole life and seeing grass and the sun for the first time could drive most people crazy.

There are people on board the ship who think they should turn around and people on Earth who want to stop the program. With a murder taking place everyone is questioning the point of the journey and the young victim's ghost walks the halls of Ascension.

The whole thing comes to a dramatic end when one crew member is actually transported to that far away planet they should have been trying to reach in the first place and the whole things goes off on an insane tangent as there are infiltrators on board the ship. But then it ends there. Just when things were getting really good.

This is a must watch binge for any scifi fan. I highly recommend it.

Check out Ascension on Netflix or SyFy today


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