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Logan is not a remake of Logan's Run: No Poop Poirot!

I am quite amused by all the Logan's Run references since the release of the trailer for Logan. One or two people thought it might be the long awaited Logan's Run remake. When I say long awaited, I really mean long awaited. I first heard rumbling of a Logan's Run movie in 2000. That was 17 years ago.

This classic was one of my favourites as a child. I probably didn't understand half of it but I am sure watching this and Soylent Green had a affect on me and the type of films I was now. Logans Run becoming a cult classic and my absolute favourite.

The closest I got to a remake was 'The Island' except well it wasn't a remake and was a little different.

The Hollywood Reporter has sited Warner Bros. as hiring Simon Kinberg to write latest the screenplay. He has also been tapped to produce the new film with Joel Silver.

Kinberg is well know for  a writing and producing lots of our fave superhero movies, including the upcoming Fantastic Four, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Deadpool. So we can only hope the Logan Run remake is in good hands  Basically, if anyone has to handle a Logan’s Run remake, it’s in solid hands with Kinberg. At one point in 2010 Ryan Gosling was on board to star as Logan but again we waited and nothing went forward.

The 1976 movie Logan’s Run is based on the 1967 novel by William F. Nolan. Set in a post apocalyptic future where a small number of humans live in a dome. The method of population control is unique to Logan's Run. At a certain age you go through a 'Carousel' a renewal celebration where the participants are killed. They all believe they will be renewed and born again. In the book it is 21 years when the glowing crystal in your hand turn red and you are on your way to carousel. In the movie it is 30, which I think makes more sense to our society as it is at 30 that most people question their lives and go through a quarter life crisis.

The new movie is putting the carousel age at 21.

The main character Logan is a 'sandman' or type of police man who stop 'runners' who try to evade their carousel and make it to Sanctuary.

He is put undercover and his crystal turned red 4 years early. If you like a classic scifi I urge you to check out the original 1976 film.

I was determined to get my Carousel at 30 before the new film came out. Here are a few pics from our Tokengeekery Carousel for our 30th some  eight or so years ago. I am supposed to be a runner. Unfortuntely I was pregnant with Clone2 at the time so not quite authentic Logans Run cosplay.

As this film has influenced so much of our modern scifi I am quite excited and quite looking forward to a remake.

So Logan is not anything to do with Logan's run but hopefully it will be soon


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