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Geek Parenting Done Right

Geek Parenting Done Right

Our Top Images on the InterWeb showing Geek Parenting Done Right

Loving this image of kids dressed as Jawas at comic con. If your kids know what Jawas are you are definitely doing something right

Jawas parenting done right

We love this image of the little girl whose dad built here a star wars speeder bike. Super Kawaii.
Dads builds daughter a star wars speeder bike

Get you children ready for the spy world with some spy training on the landing of your home.
Spy Training

Some great comic con cosplay. I would love our little family to go as the incredibles but I think its just me. :-(
Comic Con Cosplay Geek parenting

This one is pretty old but  still awesome.
Ash and Misty at the Supermarket

This one is one of my favorites! Why not!
Darth Vader Princess from Craftster

Discovered this one recently, such a great costume

Awesome kids cosplay

Do you have any you'd like to share email us at info@tokengeekery.net
Alice T

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