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My Current Five Favourite AMVs

As I mentioned before I love anime and most evenings when I just need to unwind you will find me trawling the internet for a new one to watch. For me nothing tells a story better than a good AMV. The right anime sequence put together with the right music can help capture a storyline in 3-4 minutes and get me interested in an anime faster than a description in Netflix ever could. I tend to start with anime mixes, and the author usually credits the anime and the song (sometimes I find a great new band this way too).

An AMV for those of you not in the know is an anime music video.  Clips from the anime are put to action appropriate music. My favourite type of AMV picks a great story line and edits it together well featuring just those characters in that scenario and the action moves with the music.

In no particular order, because I like them all, here are some great AMVs of popular anime. Some you may have heard of, Some you may not have.  I think a well edited AMV can showcase the best of an anime or get you curious about a new one. 

They may not be the best on the interweb, but they are ones I have come to enjoy over the last few years.

Do you know of some other great AMVs share in the comments!

Anime: Goldenboy
Song: "Bicycle Race" by Bl├╝mchen (Google PlayiTunes)
Creator: Piratekos
Title: GoldenBoy Bicycle Race

Anime: Attack on Titan
Song: "Skyfall (Full Length)" by Adele (Google PlayiTunes)
Creator: FlamingAces1323
Title: Attack On Titan - Skyfall

Anime: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Song: "Balaclava" by Arctic Monkeys (Google PlayiTunes)
Creator: TranscendentLove
Title: AMV - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Balaclava

Anime: Mix
Song: "Here Comes the Hotstepper (Evian version - Yuksek Remix)" by Baby & Me
(Google PlayiTunes)
Creator: AMVLuna
Title: Anime's Got Talent

Anime: Naruto
Song:   "Saeed" by Infected Mushroom (Google PlayiTunes)
Creator: AaronAMV
Title: Naruto Shippuden AMV


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