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MCM Comic Con - London May 2016

Well last Saturday team Tokengeekery hit MCM ComicCon London!

We got there ridiculously early to make sure we got parking but foolishly decided to go for general entry tickets (after 11am) so we could save £30. That meant from 9am to 11am we were standing in line.

Being themselves, C1 & C2 had eaten all the food in the car so a substantial part of that time was the kids "I want to go home."

Being an introvert I really, really struggle at events like this. Fortunately Alicia was on hand to talk to people.

Alicia and Connie as Lexa from The 100

We didn't have much of a set plan to the event, since I do know how my kids work and expected them to get bored if we ended up waiting for anything.
C1 cosplaying as hungry and grumpy storm trooper.

Alicia with Totoro and Cat Buss

Alicia and Master Chief

Alicia and Elijah (@bfortunas) as Green Lantern
I did sneak into a few pictures although I'd rather not have.
Fez Baker, Paul and Kit Buss
We popped in and said "hello" to Kit Buss and Fez Baker, two talented artists who used to live near us.

I was going to pick up a limited edition postcard of Lillith, Kit's character from Critical Role for a friend who's abroad. In the days leading up Fez jokingly asked us to bring "coffee and cats" so I spent a disproportionate amount of time baking on the Friday.

We did grab some Japanese inspired food whilst we were there. Contrary to our plan but since the kids had eaten everything already, we needed to refuel them. We didn't get pictures in time.
Ramune. The memory is always better than the taste.
So we enjoyed the event but it's a bit of a challenge with the kids. MCM do recommend the Friday or the Sunday if you're bringing children but existing commitments (like school and birthday parties) scuppered that.

Next time we go, we'll be getting priority tickets and aiming for one of the other days.

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