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Getting the kids into Star Trek

C1 & C2 on Star Trek  vs Star Wars

Like most kids, my kids are truly Star Wars fans, which is cool because this is something Paul and I loved as children. It is now  a pretty mainstream thing to be into Star Wars and both kids and adults alike, know to some extent who Yoda is. I feel less like a freak when I mention him now. When I was a child completely different story. All in all liking Star Wars is more socially acceptable to some extent.

That being said not all geeks like both Star Wars and Star Trek you can be in either camp or both. Luckily for me, I met someone who was in both camps just like me. Phew!

Our children have been a little less easy to convince that Star Trek is just as awesome as Star Wars and are firmly camped on the light/dark side.

After our little trip to Comic Con, they saw a cosplay Borg and Clone 2 was desperate to take a particular Borg cube keyring off me for some bizarre reason so I said she could have it if she watched Star Trek First Contact with me. They both watched for a bit and now are not totally against Star Trek, that is until I realised if you want children to really like something, just combine it with Lego.


After seeing this KREO video produced by JJ Abrams Film production company Bad Robot, they are now hooked on how awesome Star Trek is. 

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