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Alicia's GOT reactions S6 E7

My weekly take on this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones
Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man

Look away now if you haven't as yet seen S6 E7

It really has been a season for returning characters and just like that...

...The hound is back!
A wounded and broken Hound (Sandor Clegane) returns. He seems a little defeated but slightly defiant. He doesn't think he could ever have forgiveness for all the things he has done and just wants to be left in peace. When the Brothers without Banners trample that peace, you can almost hear him say "fook that" and storms off with axe in hand, hopefully to do some damage.

The High Sparrow makes subtle threats. 
Diana Rigg always is amazing as the Queen of Thorns. The women in the Tyrell family are the ones who really seem to hold it together and have a reputation as such. The High Sparrow needs her gone, she is a threat and he knows she will stop at nothing to get the heir to House Tyrell back. He needs her gone, making the most subtle threat ever.

"Grandmother, GO Home!, The mother watches over us all" - Marjory to her grandmother.

Thank the Seven Majory is either playing a game or biding her time, she warns her grandmother to go back to HighGarden with a carefully placed note/image that only her grandmother will understand. With this note we know she is bidding her time. She also knows that Tommen shares absolutely everything with the High Sparrow as he even asked her about the martial bed and I think this was all a part of her game, she needed to know how much Tommen shared with him.

Jamie on a horse, nuff said!
Finally Jamie Lannister back in action, I have waited countless seasons for this. Never thought I would be cheering for the guy who stabbed Ned through the leg in Season 1, the Kingslayer, but we all hope he has changed even a little, but will the BlackFish see this or even care.

The Blackfish is back 
Lothar and Walder trying to convince the Black Fish they are going to kill Edmure and then not following through is just ace. Exactly what you would expect from these two. You are given a little back story with Lord Frey to give you an idea of what these two are like ... the words spineless.. .should come to mind, and that is exactly what they are. The writing in these scenes and the way it is put together is nothing less than what I would expect from GOT.

Jamie and Bronn enter the camp and take over. Their lines are just perfect! especially Jamie. Who will hopefully get an award for this line in our weekly review/awards.

"Lets say I threaten you hit you unless you shut your mouth, but you kept talking, what do you think I'll do"

Sansa and Jon have trouble getting support
Sansa and Jon have trouble convincing the same Northerners who followed Rob to risk their lives once again and follow them, as they are told neither of them is a Stark, so their numbers are still low. Although they do convince Lyanna Mormont (an 11 year old) to give them 62 men, no not 62000, 62!

Time to finally write to Littlefinger methinks.

Sansa finally writes to Little finger for help (I really hope she did)  as she really beginning to wind me up a bit now. But can she trust Littlefinger? I imagine this has been the reason for her being hesitant.
To be quite honest I'm not really sure, but they cant win against the Boltons without him. Here's to waiting for the end of season 6!

Yara likes women, but Theon cant even look at them
She convinces her brother to join her rather than end his own life. I like this brother sister team up!

The plan: make a pact with Daenarys! I'm not sure this will work out. Tyrion might vouch for them, maybe, but Daenarys making an alliance with them does seem unlikely, but it is Game of Thrones anything could happen.

Arya wounded.
So wasn't really expecting this violence at the end of the episode but at least something is happening with Arya. I can only hope either Theon/Yara or possibly Gendry turn up in Bravos to help her as she seems quite badly wounded. She did well to get away and I really have hope for Arya.

I still have a billion questions. Do You? Comments below.
Is Majory playing a game, I really do hope so?
Is the hound going to wipe out the Brothers without Banners?
When is Gendry coming back?

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