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Anime Review: Noragami

This was definitely the anime I had been looking for. My favourite anime style, coupled with bad ass samurai action, comedy and a little bit of romance (well sort of). The comedy was definitely the defining characteristic of this anime for me. I laughed out loud for quite a bit of this and was hooked almost immediately. I watched this in Japanese, with English subtitles, as I find it almost impossible to watch these in English and when I heard the English version I was so glad I had. 

The Plot
"As a minor god of calamity, Yato lacks even a shrine to his name. In attempts to become known, he charges only 5 yen to grant the wishes of Near Shore dwellers- a.k.a. the living. Throughout his missions, he encounters a Near Shore girl named Hiyori Iki whose soul frequently slips out of her body, and Yukine, a wandering spirit whom he names as his weapon to kill corrupted spirits with.

He also has a dark past with Bishamon the God of War, resulting in many fights between them. There is also a dark relation with a Nora, which used to be his Hiki."


Paul only saw a bit of this out of the corner of his eye and said it didn't seem like one that would interest him. It does have a kind of rom-com shoujo vibe but that is interspersed with hilarious comedy moments along with samurai style fighting, gods, demons, and lots of other fantasy elements. I know it sounds like they tried to make bleach more female friendly but it really isn't a tame show at all. Yato has a funny side who we meet at the beginning but half way through the first season you realise he has a dark and terrible past. When they have to rescue him from hell (or something like that) it is really quite awesome. There is of course a sort of kind of love story... I think... built in but it is quite subtle  and you could even say the characters just care a great deal about each other.

This did look like my type of anime, I liked the animation style immediately and the summary sounded quite awesome. So I knew I would love this.

I loved Yato the most. Such a dweeb and so funny, but if you lived a life a tragic as his, his mock stupidity makes sense. I like when characters and story makes sense. People always say to me its just a cartoon, its just a movie, I am sure you all get this, but frankly just a movie is not an excuse for poor story telling and or editing. A story need to make sense and I dont have to accept it just because that is what is put in front of me. So geek on my friends!

I wanted to carry on after the first two anime seasons were finished so I read the manga online. It geta bit confusing after season 2 of the anime and the story was a little weird but if animated a lot might be dumbed down or removed.

Another new favourite added to my list!

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