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Review Game of Thrones S7 E4 Chaos is a Ladder

Hold on to yer hats! The battle scenes are just getting better and better

Here be Spoilers....

Dragons: 1

Dickon Tarly's introduction to Bronn
Poor guy, what a name to have

Most corny/ annoying Possible  Deaths?
Ser Jamie Lannister, The Kingslayer and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

You can see at this point that George RR Martin isn't too involved at this stage as the last five minutes are like something out of a 90s action movie.

Best Battle Pose
Side saddle Dothraki

Best Reunion
The Stark Children
No it wasn't pollen I had tears in my eye when the last of the Stark children were finally reunited.

Best Side Glance 
I mean, what was that Jon! No time for that eh!

Best One on One Fight Scene
Aarya and Brienne
A girl actually happens to know something. Sansa seemed a little unsettled by this display.

Star of the Show: Drogon
Drogon steals the show in the battle against the Lannister forces. I was completely captivated by this scene. You've heard the stories but to actually finally see the Dothraki in battle and see Drogon just light up the field is sheer brilliance.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments
Alice T.

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